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What is Business Growth CoachTM?
Business Growth CoachTM is a program specifically designed to increase the value of privately-held manufacturing businesses.

It was designed by Scott Abels, CPA, CVA who has more than 35 years of experience in assessing and growing the value of business enterprises.
Who is the audience?
Owners, CEO’s, COO’s, or CFO’s of businesses with at least $1M annual revenue who want to increase the value of their business.

Business owners who will be transitioning their business interest in the future and want to maximize the value they receive.
How will I benefit?
This structured program will dramatically increase the  value of your business if you implement the coaching recommendaitons.

Business Growth CoachTM will put more money in your pocket and let you get on with the next state of your life.
How long does it take?

You may see significant value improvement in as little as 6 months; however, the program is most effective when applied consistently for 12 months or more.

How does it work?
Initial calculation of business value and analysis of business risks/key value drivers
2) Monthly Coaching sessions using structured program to increase business value
Business Growth CoachTM will  develop prioritized list of most impactful drivers/actions to increase the value of your business
2 coaching sessions monthly (1 hr each) to address business risks and optimize value drivers
Unlimited email or phone follow ups
How to sign up or learn more?
Who is Scott Abels?
30+ years CFO and financial executive (Dell, Motorola)
Started Precision Valuation 2013
Specialize in business valuation and growing enterprise value
What does it cost?
1) Initial business valuation and analysis:  $5K
2) $950 per month; month-by-month basis; no long term contract

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