We specialize in valuing privately held businesses. Valuation services include:


We are experienced in Texas Family Law and understand key issues like personal goodwill, which is often critical in a divorce.

Valuations for Business Sale or Purchase

We explain the details behind the value and make recommendations for negotiation strategy; our valuations exceed the criteria required by banks and SBA for business purchase loans.

Financial Forensics including Asset Characterization and Tracing

We are trained and experienced in issues of asset division that often come up in divorce.

Family Limited Partnership (FLP) Valuation

Extensively trained and experienced in valuations for FLP’s, we understand specialized issues of control and discounting that are critical to valuing FLP’s.

Estate/Trust Valuation and IRS compliance

We have experience working with estate attorneys and providing valuations to meet IRS guidelines.

Business Disputes

Experienced in Arbitration and Mediation, we wil work with your attorney to understand the key points of both sides build the strongest case possible.

Business Succession Planning

We will value your business today and then, using our CFO expertise, we will show you how to make it more valuable in the future.